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This website has been created to document my amateur radio and television projects including: ATV, DATV/DVB-S, Teletext, Wireless Data, Radio over IP and microwave band communications.

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Table of Contents

  • RoIP / Radio over IP Projects
  • DATV / Digital ATV Primer, including DVB-S and DVB-T  (Work in progress - please contribute)
  • ELAD SNA-2550 Scalar Network Analyser Yahoo Group New
  • Teletext and ITS for ATV
  • Microwave ATV on 3400 MHz (9cm) using DB6NT TX and "4D" C-Band LNB RX
  • UK ATV Repeater Video Wall (retired) G7LWT Video Steam (from IO83SO).
  • Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) Data for UK. Ideal for use with Path Profile by Mike Willis.
  • SBS-1, Virtual Radar, Plane Plotter and ADS-B home brew
  • APRS Igate for Manchester: M0GFC
  • HackRF HackRF Files
  • D-Star GB7NM-B
  • Jodrell Bank, pictures from a guided tour, organised by Paul, G8AFC
  • Goonhilly, pictures from a daytrip with Adam, M3WTV and Anthony, M3ZTV (2005)
  • 2 Mbit Data Link on 3cms over an 8 Mile Hop (1995)
  • ATV and ATV/P around Manchester (1994 onwards)
  • N6IFU ATV Newsletter Archive
  • Test Equipment, Advantest R3361A, GPIB toolkit (KE5FX)
  • Amateur Radio Transceivers including the complete TS-790 service manual
  • Software
  • About Me - Brief personal notes

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